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duct cleaning It has come to my attention that people are confused as to when is the right time to get duct cleaning you your home?

Duct cleaning is a great idea, it cleans the dust mites, allergens, animal hair, and pollen out of your system to allow cleaner air pass through. In the Fall season it is smart to clean your ducts before the winter starts and all the windows will be closed for the 6 months. Granted its not urgent to have done, and definitely should not stop you from your fall furnace maintenance.  Basically, there is no correlation between the two (cleaning ducts and furnace). Your ducts should only be cleaned once every couple years, whereas your furnace should have maintenance done on it every single Fall season, and your furnace filter should be changed as many times as it say it has to be done. Good filters should be only changed once a year, or every six months.

Another falsity is that your furnace hasn’t been on for the whole summer, if you have an air conditioner or tend to run the fan to move air through your house then your using your furnace. Your air conditioner uses the blower to move the cool air through out the house, as it does with the heat the furnace produces.

So please don’t panic, its OK if you don’t get duct cleaning before you turn your furnace on or should I say pilot light on.

Please contact us if you need fall maintenance completed http://www.a1airconditioning.ca/contact-us/schedule-service-maintenance/

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