Fall Season

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Furnace Maintenance Tips for the Fall season!

Furnace Maintenance tipsTis the season the colder weather approaches us. It’s time to turn off your central air conditioner, clean your duct system from all the summer allergens, and finally, to turn on the furnace. First off, it’s a good idea if you live in an area that is prone to snow fall to have an air conditioner cover for you unit to protect it from the winter elements. Another great idea is to consider having your duct system cleaned, especially if you haven’t had it done in a long time.  I will post some tips on that in my next blog as it’s an important subject all on its own. The last thing is to check your furnace, as it’s what will keep you warm and comfortable during this cold season coming upon us.

There are a number of reasons for being proactive with your furnace, it improves your homes energy efficiency and also prevents any future problems that may occur in a time when you need your furnace the most.

OK so here we go a few Furnace Maintenance  tips to get you ready for the winter season:


I am leaving out the steps that are taken by a licensed trained professional should do, because of safety reasons. I do not want someone going ahead and getting electrocuted or blow up their house. It has nothing to do with sales but just trying to be proactively safe.

Practice these steps and you can at least do you best to prevent costly breakdowns or even replacing a new unit. Good Luck, and please post question if you are unsure of something before doing it! Safety first.

To learn more about duct cleaning click here: http://www.a1airconditioning.ca/duct-cleaning-before-a-furnace-cleaning/

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