What A1 will do for you?

A1 is constantly striving to provide the home owner the best in product selection backed up by uncompromising service and guarantees. Apart from offering you very competitive pricing for these products and services, we will from time to time extend special discounts and incentives as a token of our appreciation for your trust.

Lennox Rebates!

Lennox offer many different types of rebates on new equipment each season of the year. These rebates are usually quite significant depending on the type of air conditioner or furnace. The rebates get especially large when you purchase a full system. Please call our office and find out what Lennox specials are available to you.

Ontario Power Authority (OPA)

For the past year or so the Ontario government has been offering a range of rebates for people that upgrade their air conditioner and furnace. The purpose of these rebates is to encourage residents of Ontario to upgrade to cleaner more energy efficient systems that not only save you money on your monthly bills, but also help to protect the environment. Depending on the efficiency of your new units you could get up to $650 back in rebates. Please call A1 and ask us how you can maximize on this rebate opportunity.


Please check back from time to time to ensure that you don’t miss out on any future promotions.